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I've Found A Ton Of Useful Tools.  But Here Are My Top 6 That Help Grow My Website

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Bluehost - What I Host This Site With

Since I was building a Wordpress site I went with Bluehost.  I'm glad I did too, because they made it each to launch a Wordpress website in a matter of the same day.

I literally can tell you that you will love using Bluehost to host your Wordpress website if you go that directions.

Canva - Easy Online Graphic Design Software

I'm definetly not blessed with the ability to just design anything from scratch.  So I was on the hunt to find something that makes me look good.  I finally found Canva.

Canva helps me create Facebook ads, blog pictures, website ads, and any graphics or icons needed.  Best of all it's mainly free.

A Simple Blog Topic Idea Generator

If you write articles on a regular basis.  Eventually, you start scratching your head on topics to write about it.  Thankfully there are great tools like Portent to help give you great ideas by just entering a keyword you want to write about.

​I love using this tool because it really adds creative value and provides awesome brainstorming ideas.

Picreel - A Great Exit Intent Software

Picreel is a great way to convert more traffic to a actionable step, or prevent them from leaving.  I found Picreel to be one of the most userfriendly tools I have used to create exit intent popups.  

I felt the learning curve was low too and easy to implement on my website.  Also, once you pay its as low as $14/MO which is nice.

Gratisography - My #1 Fav Photo Finder

If you love fun photos that pack a ton of express behind them you totally will love using this website.

The best part is you can use away and edit them to your liking without ever paying a but which I find very generous.​

Aweber Email Marketing

Aweber is time tested and always have been one of the top email marketing tools for bloggers and website owners.  It's a great idea to be offering a mailing list to your readers so you can regularly communicate VIA email.  Another great thing is even if your just starting out the plan starts small and can scale with you as you grow so that your never breaking the bank when your just starting out.  The tools are great too and its very 1rst userfriendly.